Stylish DIY oven mitts

Do you easily get burn when you cook ? Me too. But it was before having my own DIY pretty oven mitts.  Yes, by being pretty those oven mitts are actually more efficient. No kidding, let me explain. It’s because since they are pretty you actually want to put them all the time ! I know, implacable logic.

So, as I was saying if you want to make original oven mitts the DIY selection below is for you ! Are you ready to make your own DIY oven mitts to protect your lovely hands ?

I really love the pink mitts with pom-pom from A Kailo Chic Life blog. This is the easiest project of the selection as it is more about customizing an actual oven mitt than creating it from scratch.

I also love the ones from The Proper Blog. Those green DIY mitts are supposed to be for Christmas but somehow I think they look more like a cactus. And I love it !

1. DIY geometric oven mitts by Bombazine
2. DIY no sew egg ovent mitts by Club Crafted
3. DIY cactus oven mitts by A Beautiful Mess
4. DIY pink pom pom oven mitts by A Kailo Chic Life
5. DIY Christmas oven mitts by The Proper Blog

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