Patterned Ikea Bekvam hacks for your plants

Ikea Hacks are so exciting. Why ? Because Ikea products are most of the time an excellent mix of modern and refined design which offer a lot of potential for customization. Today, for my Ikea Hack selection, I chose the Bekvam step stool.

Honestly, you can do pretty much everything you want with it. But right now, I will focus on turning it into a plant stand because in addition of being a DIY and Hack lover, I’m obsessed with houseplants (I know that’s such commonplace, …).

From ethnic painted pattern to removable wallpaper, those DIYs explain you several and simple techniques to turn your Bekvam step stool into a trendy patterned plant stand.

I’m very much in love with the second DIY. The black and white geometric tiles on the top give a very elegant touch while the light teal color paint brings a natural and fresh look.

1. Ikea Bekvam stool hack for your plants by This Little Street
2. Bekvam stool hack with tiles by The Ordinary Lovely
3. Stenciled Ikea Bekvam step stool by Nicolette Tabram
4. Ikea Bekvam plant stand hack with decals by This Little Street
5. Turn your Ikea Bekvam step stool into a patterned plantstand by Apartment Therapy

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