Obsessed with terracotta color

It’s a fact, Candice and I are obsessed with terracotta color. If you scroll our DIY projects, you might see terracotta is basically everywhere. Actually, since we found the Pimlico paint at B&Q, we use it every time we are crafting.

To be completely honest, we have probably been influenced by the huge home decor trend about earthy hues. Interior design bloggers, magazines, home decor brands are all focusing on this range of colors.

If Candice is also obsessed with celadon green (I know, she’s weird), terracotta is all over my place and I sometimes feel like I’m living in a giant terracotta planter (#normal #notweird).

If you want to use this color in your home decor, I’ve decided to share with you some inspiration. I really like the first living room. It’s warm, colorful, natural. Just perfect for the summer !

1. Terracotta living room decor by Bobby Clark
2. Terracotta vases by The Lane
3. Terracotta hues by Hannah Collins Designs
4. DIY terracotta candle holder by Shake
5. Terracotta, green and pink DIY coffee tables by Shake
6. Terracotta bedroom styling by Nikola Bacher
7. Terracotta tiles by Rubik Lab

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