Obsessed with my new black and white bathroom makeover

Ok guys, big news ahead : We are buying a house ! I’m over the moon and I did so many victory dances that I now have muscular aches (I know, I should not say that, it’s humiliating).

The house is awesome, I’ll soon share pictures. But since we found the house there is really one thing that keeps me awake at night : My future wonderful black and white bathroom. The house has 2 big bathrooms, one will be for the kids (my secret dream being to get my husband to share it with the kids. Evil project in progress. ) and another en-suite bathroom supposedly for the parents (or for ME. ME ONLY.)

I came upon bright and sunny black and white bathrooms and since I live for that (#toomuch #legallyblond). The current bathroom style is not too bad but really not to my taste. I’m sharing with you my inspiration for my soon to come bathroom makeover !

When you have been forced for years to squizz your stuff into tiny drawers next to your husband Axe Musk deodorant and your kid bath toys, a proper en-suite bathroom is just a dream come true. I know that I should have higher expectations in life, … But hey, let me be puerile and don’t spoil my joy yet !

I really love the combination of black and white in the bathroom associated with plants and light wood accessories. And I’ve selected 3 DIYs that I’m totally decided to reproduce for my bathroom ! The wall mounted toothbrush stand from My DIY Family blog, the wooden cubes towel hook and the bathtub caddy. Both from The Merry Thought blog. Awesome, innit ?

1. Black and white bathroom with terrazzo floor by Oneonroom
2. Bathroom DIY wooden towel hook by The Merry Thought
3. Wall mounted toothbrush by Your DIY Family
4. Natural bathroom accessories by Pinterest
5. Minimalist black and white bathroom from the Nano pad project by Est Living
6. DIY bathtub caddy by The Merry Thought
7. Sunny bright black and white bathroom by Sunny Circles Studio

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