Obsessed with Celadon Green color

This week I’m obsessed with a new color. This wonderful paint color which won over my heart is Celadon green. I just can’t tell you how much I like it. A few days ago I was in Amsterdam for work and like in most Nothern and Scandinavian countries this color is quite popular. Probably because it helps to bring the light in and brings some warmth to a white interior without really altering a monochrome and minimalist Scandi style.

Anyway, I’m now on a mission to convince my lovely hubby to spend the next weekend painting our walls. To be honest he doesn’t see yet how brilliant is my project but I’m working on it  !

I am so fond of the pale green sofa above and the color palette of the room ! The combination of colors is both modern and elegant. And this pale green kitchen,… just awesome. It is actually something you can DIY. The panels come from Reform (specialized in Ikea hacks material for DIY lovers) and are easy to combine with Ikea kitchen cabinets !

If I can’t convince him to repaint the living room walls, maybe the kitchen upgrade can still be considered,… How can you refuse a kitchen makeover to your wife ? (#heartless #monster). Moreover, it could pair perfectly with this awesome Ikea Skogsta bench hack found on Hunker! A key argument  ?

1. Green grey and white apartment by Entrance
2. Celadon green walls Scandi living room by Alvhem
3. Ikea hack kit for your kitchen by Reform
4. Celadon green ceramics by La Case
5. Pale green sofa from Henri Knero living room by Residence Magazine
6. Half painted celadon wall at Henriette Hotel in Paris by Archi Lovers
7. Skogsta bench Ikea hack by Hunker
8. Celadon green hues by La Case

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