Insta Crush : Peek It Magazine

As I really love Instagram, I can spend my days looking for new profiles to fall in love with. And as you know, I like to share my new discoveries… Today, my Insta crush goes to Peek It Magzine. To be perfectly honest, I know Cynthia (the founder of Peek It) for a while now (like for 7 or 8 years) and I’m still in love with what she shares.

On her Insta feed, you will find so many amazing ideas to make. She mostly shares kid’s crafts but not only. I love basically every single thing she’s creating and I’m sure you will love it too !

You can find above her latest DIYs and there is so much more to discover. Don’t forget to share with us your latest tutorial on Instagram with #shakemydiy and @shakemydiy ! We repost your DIY ideas every sunday !

To discover Cynthia’s DIYs, go to Peek It Magazine on Instagram !

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