Ikea Hack : The upholstered Skogsta bench

Last week, I’ve found the famous (#toomuch) Ikea Skogsta bench on Gumtree. I decided to buy it, first because it was so cheap, then because I was desperately looking for a nice bench for my guest bedroom. As I didn’t want something too much ‘woody’ (not sure it’s a word, but now it is), I asked Candice if she was ok to customize it with me.

As you can imagine, she said “no, I’m not you’re handmaid !” (#rude #notnice). So I’ve made it myself and add a new top to my Ikea bench. I hope you will like it !

Video DIY : The upholstered Skogsta bench

First, discover our tutorial video to make this upholstered Skogsta bench. You don’t need much supplies and tools to do it. The kind of nice and easy DIYs we love !

The upholstered Skogsta bench step by step

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So cool !


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Ikea Skostga bench, foam, MDF board, fabric, scissors, staple gun, screwdriver, measuring tape, screws, craft knife, pencil, saw.

Step by step

1. Measure the top of the bench.

2. Divide the length by 3 and report the measurements to the MDF board.

3. Cut the board with your saw.

4. Report the size of each board on the foam.

5. Cut the foam with your craft knife.

6. Report the size of the foam on your fabric, add 10cm on each side and cut with the scissors.

7. Place the foam on the fabric and the board on the foam. Then staple the fabric to the board.

8. Screw each board on the top of the bench.

ikea hack upholstered skogsta bench

To hide the space between each part of the top, I have added a small ribbon made with the same fabric. Smart, isn’t it ?

Thank you guys for following us and stay tuned for our next DIY projects ! We publish original DIY projects, hacks and printable twice a week !

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