Ikea Hack : The Rainbow Flisat Stool

I’m totally fond of Ikea hacks. That’s a fact (#ikeaaddict). So fond that I wanted to rename Vincent’s cat “Ikea” (but for some reason he refused). Anyway, you maybe remember my last selection of Flisat Ikea Stool Animal Makeovers. I loved those little stool makeovers so much that I decided to make my own ! I’m super happy with the way it turned out and my little one loves it (talking about my son, not Vincent, even though he DOES behave like a kid most of the time)  !

So let me introduce you with my most recent Ikea hack : The Rainbow Flisat stool ! I wanted to create a rainbow chair back because well… I have to admit it, I’m like Vincent on that point : I love rainbows. Honestly, who doesn’t ?

Video DIY : The Rainbow Flisat Stool

First, discover our tutorial video to make your own Ikea Flisat stool makeover. I used two Ikea products for my makeover : The Ikea FLISAT Stool and the ÖVERALLT Trivets !

The Rainbow Flisat Stool step by step

The supplies

To make Flisat Stool rainbow makeover, check out the shake list.

Step by step

1. Assemble the stool by screwing the feet. No tools needed, nice and easy !

2. Trace a perfectly straight line in the middle of the cork trivet.

3. Saw each trivet where you marked it. Make sure you saw them perfectly straight.

4. Mark on the stool where you gonna place the smaller circular arc.

5. Use a drilling machine to re-drill where you are going to screw the smaller circular arc. Only the smaller arc is glued and screw. The other arcs are only glued.

6. Paint each arc with the colors of your choice to create a beautiful rainbow !

7. Glue the smaller arc where you marked it. Use Epoxy glue. Make sure to apply the glue quickly, it dries super fast !

8. Screw the smaller arc, and then glue the 2 others arcs on the stool, one after the other, using the Epoxy glue. Let it dry. You are done !

Ikea Hack flisat kid stool makeover rainbow diy

As you might have noticed in our last DIYs, we are totally fond of this terracotta color palette ! Terracotta hues are also super to combine with other colors. I quite like it with blue or yellow !

Thank you so much for following us and stay tuned for our next DIY projects ! We publish original DIY projects and hacks twice a week !

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