Hack your Ikea furniture with Pretty Pegs !

Pretty Pegs. Those guys are not lying, everything they do is actually,… pretty. If you want to change the legs of your Ikea sofa to make it more stylish, you need to check out their online store. Their products are very unique and stylish and honestly, the quality is really good. Take note that I’m not paid a dime for saying that. I totally should be paid, I know… But sadly I’m not (#notsponsored #poorblogger).

Anyway, I’m still ready to share my bits of advice with you for free. You can discover below the Ikea replacement furniture legs I love the most.

For your coffee table, an Ikea stool, to give a new look to your desk, Pretty Pegs is the website to keep in mind to give style to your Ikea furniture ! Note that Pretty pegs doesn’t only sell furniture legs but a very large range of Ikea replacement products but also knobs and front layers. A gold mine for Ikea hackers !

All pictures are from Pretty Pegs

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