5 ways to hack your Ikea Malm dresser with contact paper

So, last week I got delivered the Malm dresser.  I was not aware of it neither my partner. When I told Candice about this unexpected (and big) delivery she answered something like : “It’s me. I bought the dresser on Ebay so we could hack it and I forgot to tell you” and then : “I gave your address for delivery as your place is bigger” (#ok #storehouse). Her place is bigger (#liar). Sometimes I do understand her poor husband.

Since this epic conversation, I’ve been looking for ideas to give a good makeover to this old Ikea dresser. My first idea was to upgrade it in the simplest way, by using contact paper. Contact paper is actually a really good solution to give a fresh new look to your Ikea furniture or any kind of furniture actually.

Indeed, you can find it in any store and choose the pattern you want. You cut, you apply it and tada ! Job done. A lot of shops are also selling precut stickers to cover the front of the Ikea Malm dresser (have a look on Etsy).

1. DIY parrot decals for your Malm dresser by Behang Fabriek
2. Playful Malm dresser makeover for kids by Curbly
3. Ikea Malm dresser hack with black contact paper by The Life Factory
4. Copper triangle Ikea Malm dresser hack by Cindy Lackey
5. DIY vintage style gold Malm dresser hack by Preciously Me

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