Ikea Hack : The Lustigt Terracotta Clock

Sometimes, you don’t know exactly what a DIY will look like. Indeed, when we decided to make a DIY clock with Candice, we have first chosen to use a cardboard box lid. Let’s say the result wasn’t really nice… like it was a disaster.

We decided to look for another way to make it and Candice had a brilliant idea (#foronce), and suggested to use the Ikea Lustigt lacing beads box ! So let’s discover how to hack this Ikea product to make this beautiful and fun terracotta clock !

The Lustigt Terracotta Clock step by step

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Ikea Lustigt box, pencil, ruler, electric drill, filler, multipurpose glue, sanding paper, paint, brush, clock mechanism.

Step by step

1. Empty the Lustigt box and remove the wooden dividers.

2. Mark the center of the box.

3. Drill on the mark to insert the clock mechanism later.

4. Fill the wooden beads holes.

5. Sand down once the filler is dry.

6. Glue the wooden beads on the top of the box.

7. Apply two layers of terracotta paint.

8. Insert the clock mechanism.

ikea lustigt hack terracotta clock

We decided to use terracotta paint, which is our favorite color, but your can of course choose the one that will match with your home decor !

Thank you so much for following us and stay tuned for our next DIY projects ! We publish original DIY projects, hacks and printable twice a week !

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  1. Karlijn May 25, 2019 at 7:18 pm

    Love it!


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