Hack your Ikea kitchen cabinets with Reform

Unlike Plykea, which only offers plywood doors, Reform invites you to radically change the look of your Ikea kitchen with hundreds of different models of doors : color, texture, material, … the choice is that wide that everyone can find what he’s looking for.

I’m telling you a secret (I know, it’s a stupid boring secret), it’s probably my favorite brand for an Ikea kitchen makeover (#secretwoman). I really wish they could propose more customization possibilities not only for Ikea kitchens but bathrooms or other furniture. Reform if you hear me : expand your product range !

As you can see, reform really provides extraordinary design. According to them, those Ikea upgrades are “at a reasonable price”. But I must be honest, I have no idea how much their services actually cost since it’s made on order. I’ll be curious to know so if you have ever worked with Reform for the makeover of your Ikea kitchen, I’d love to hear about your experience !

All pictures are from Reform

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