How to add handles to your Ikea Ivar cabinet ?

My partner is not only disrespectful, he is also a bit dumb : he doesn’t understand that you don’t need handles to open a cabinet’s door. So of course, to avoid his chronic complaints all day long, I decided to add some handles to my new Ikea Ivar cabinet.

Before going to my favorite DIY store, I’ve been compiling some beautiful hacks found on the Internet. As you’re might be dealing with those kind of people too, I’ve decided to share it with you (and save your day by the way #heroe #thankyou #love #respect) !

Even if I love them all, I had to choose my favorite one. So I decided to add the colorful XXL handles on my Ivar furniture. So fun ! However, I can already hear my partner saying, when he will be back : “Where is our cabinet ? And why is there a hat rack instead ???” (#resigned).

1. Big rounded handles for Ikea Ivar cabinet by We Are Scout
2. Hack your Ikea Ivar cabinet with leather handles by Livet Hemma
3. Vintage look Ikea Ivar cabinet with black handles by Livet Hemma
4. Ivar cabinet hack with wooden handles by City Farmhouse
5. Giant handles for your Ivar cabinet by Pinterest

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