Ikea Fado lamp hacks ideas for kids

Ok friends, time to look for fresh new Ikea hacks ideas. A lot of ideas. Truth is, I went to Ikea last week (I know, huge huge mistake) and I came back with some few things,… Ok, a lot of things, probably enough to equip a 200 sqm house (mine is 70 sqm…). But, I mean, how are you supposed to resist ?

Honestly, except if you are an insensitive engineer (or my own husband), there is NO way you can go to Ikea and come back with empty hands. So let’s start with one of my acquisition : the Fado lamp. Once customized this lamp will be perfect for nursery decor. Before I get started with my own makeover I selected the following Fado lamp hacks for kids. What do you think ?

All those DIYs are awesome but I think I particularly like the panda Fado lamp makeover. The panda face has been created by cutting pieces of black self-adhesive paper, that’s why the lines are soo clean (probably more than if you use a felt pen).

Finally, I’m not a big fan of football (shame on me!) but I’m quite sure many little ones would love the DIY Ikea Fado soccer ball makeover, so I had to share it !

1. Ikea Fado lamp kid by I Need Sunshine
2. Ikea Fado Miffy bunny lamp kid by by Ikea Hackers
3. kea Fado lamp kid Mr Moon customization by Baballa
4. Ikea Fado lamp panda makeover by Momo Desin
5. Ikea Fado lamp unicorn by Hammamama Blog
6. Ikea Fado lamp soccer football by Limaland

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