Ikea Billy bookcase hacks

Like most self-respecting DIY lovers, I’m addicted to Ikea. Not really to Ikea actually but to Ikea hacks. Some Ikea pieces of furniture are really popular. Among these, the Ikea Billy bookcase is one of the best sellers. Indeed, it’s really versatile and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.

However, one could argue that the Billy very simple design is close to boring. Well, just plain, it’s not very much to my taste at least, however it’s awesome to hack ! To match perfectly with your interior style, I have selected for you some DIY ideas to customize your Billy bookcase. By adding doors or drawers, for your kid’s room or living room, have a look to my favorites Ikea Billy bookcase hacks.

built ikea billy bookcase hack

Built in Ikea Billy bookcase hacks

The same way house plants prosper in the sunlight, my books need a built-in bookcase to be happy and the Ikea Billy bookcase is the best to hack !

ikea billy bookcase hack kids

6 Ikea Billy bookcase hacks for kids

Cute DIY kids furniture is apparently not a good enough reason to become parents, … Nonsense I know. Anyway, I found those clever hacks …

ikea billy bookcase hack doors or drawers

How to hack your Ikea Billy bookcase with doors or drawers ?

I found another way to hack your Ikea Billy bookcase and I thought I would share it with you right away.

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