How to make your own DIY planters ?

Plants are our best green friends ! That’s what I have been taught at school. And when you are truly in friendship you make sure your friends have a nice place to blossom (#plantbff #nonhumanfriends).  So I’ve selected for you the best tutorials to pamper your plants and create your own DIY planters  (#motheroftheplants).

Discover how to create a wooden planter with beads, pretty concrete planters, colorful planter covers or even wall hanging planters, you are spoiled for choice  !

diy wooden beads planter

DIY Project : The Wooden Beads Planter

Discover our tutorial video to make your own wooden planter with beads. This DIY is an original idea from Vincent and I love its natural and Scandi look ! 

free printable colorful planters

Free Printable : The colorful planters

If you follow us, you probably know that Vincent is a plant addict and can spend days staring at his plants growing (#ok #weird). He has the idea of those printable covers to customize his planters. Nice, easy and free !

diy small mini concret planters cactus

DIY easy and small concrete planters to make

I’m totally a concrete addict. Is it bizarre ? Maybe. French girls are always bizarre in a way or another. Anyway, if you are a plant lover, you have to discover this selection of awesome concrete planters tutorials !

diy wall plant hanger planter ice cream cones kids

Colorful DIY wall planters ideas for summer

Summer is coming ! This made me want to keep my windows wide open and to bring my garden’s flowers and plants in. So I selected a couple of bright and colorful DIY wall planters ideas to brighten up your place in preparation of the summer season !

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