How to create DIY paper flowers bouquets ?

After making fun of me on the blog, Vincent was feeling ashamed (yes, he does occasionally feel empathic feelings). So he offered me a flower bouquet (and a latte). Usually, a small sorry gift won’t work. But it was not regular flowers, but a splendid bouquet of paper flowers he made himself (several cuts on his fingers proved it).

His flowers bouquet was a beautiful combination of crepe paper peonies and roses. Because it was handmade and because I absolutely love paper plants and flowers DIY projects, I forgave him his affront (#leniency #beautifulstory).  If you need to craft sorry paper flowers too (or just regular flowers), check out the selection below !

I love each of those beautiful paper flowers bouquets but I have my favorite. I must say that, after Vincent paper flower bouquet (#diplomacy), the one wedding paper flowers bouquet done for the Cinco de Mayo from The House That Lars Built is just gorgeous !

And you, what are your favorite kind of paper flowers ? Do you believe in the flower’s magical power of forgiveness ? (#flowerbribe)

1. DIY paper wedding bouquet by The House That Lars Built
2. DIY romantic paper peonies by Archzine
3. Froset paper peony by Lia Griffith
4. DIY dahlia paper flower by Design file
5. DIY Camelia flowers in a vase by Gardenista
6. DIY Crepe paper flowers by A Beautiful Mess


  1. Lia Griffith June 11, 2019 at 3:16 pm

    Thank you for including our peony bouquet!

    1. Candice June 12, 2019 at 2:50 pm

      Pleasure, we love it and your blog too !


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