How to create a built in wardrobe with the Ikea Pax ?

Summer is coming ! For me, it means three things : ice creams, bikinis (sexy) but also that it’s time to do some tidying in my wardrobe (less sexy). It’s much easier to keep your clothes organized and tidy when you have proper furniture. And if you are like me, I bet you dream to have a built in wardrobe. But if you are like me again, you don’t have the budget for it (#moneyless #blogger). The solution ? Hack it.

Once again, Ikea provides an unbeatable value with its Pax product range. I invite you to check my tutorials selection and discover how to hack the Pax and turn it into a built in wardrobe !

The Pax wardrobe is that it’s really easy to hack and customize. I love it. You can re-frame and re-paint the wardrobe as you want. You can also add colors, stain, molding or nice handles or knobs (i love leather handles).

Ready to start your Pax wardrobe makeover ?

1. Built-in Ikea Pax wardrobe makeover with Ensiö doors and Parasol handles by Helsingo
2. Built-in Ikea Pax wardrobe makeover by Erinkestenbaum
3. Built-in Ikea Pax wardrobe white and brass handles corner by and Christina
4. Built-in sage green Ikea Pax wardrobe with minimalist moldings by Design Sponge
5. Built-in Ikea Pax wardrobe under the eaves by Design 69

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