How to hack your Ikea Tarva furniture ?

As I mentioned a few days ago, Candice is a really good friend. Not only she broke my nightstand, she also decided to hide some food into my chest of drawers. Like for a really long time. When I discovered her 5 moldy sausages rolls, it was too late. My dresser was all rubbish !

So I decided to buy a new one (did I have the choice ?) and choose the Ikea Tarva dresser. As I didn’t want to keep it natural, I’ve been looking for some inspiration online. Find below my favorite Ikea hacks !

ikea tarva nightstand hack

How to hack the Ikea Tarva nightstand ?

If you have been following the last development of my birthday party, you probably know that someone has broken my nightstand (probably Candice, but she will never admit)…

ikea tarva dresser hack handles

How to hack your Ikea Tarva dresser with new handles ?

A few weeks ago (maybe months, I don’t know and who cares ?), I’ve made a brilliant selection of Ikea Tarva dresser hacks with paint. As I know you’re always looking for new ideas to customize your Ikea …

ikea tarva dresser hack paint

6 ways to hack your Ikea Tarva dresser with paint

Last night, I was thinking about how to make my life more beautiful. And the answer that came in my mind was to upgrade my Ikea Tarva dresser …

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