How to hack the Ikea Tarva nightstand ?

If you have been following the last development of my birthday party, you probably know that someone has broken my nightstand (probably Candice, but she will never admit)… So, I’ve been looking for a new one (the nightstand, not the business partner) but couldn’t find what I want.

That’s why I’ve decided to begin a new DIY project to make my new nightstand. After a few days of research, I’ve found so many great Ikea hacks ideas online. As I’m way much nicer than Candice (who probably broke my nightstand, do not forget), I’ve decided to share these hacks with you !

Among all of those, my favorite Ikea Tarva nightstand hack is probably the second one. I love the terracotta color that has been used to paint the small piece of furniture. So earthy and modern ! And you wich one is your fav (I don’t take Candice as an answer) ?

1. Ikea Tarva nightstand hack with leather handle by Kreativfieber
2. Terracotta Ikea Tarva nightstand by Ikea
3. Colorful Ikea Tarva nightsand hack by Anika’s DIY Life
4. Modern Tarva nightstand hack by Curbly
5. Black and white Tarva nightstand by Curbly
6. Bitonal Ikea Tarva nightstand by Homepolish

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