Free Printable : The colorful planters

If you follow me on my French Instagram account, you probably know that I’m a plant addict. I love them all and I can spend my days looking at them growing (#ok #weird). If I really love my plants, I also enjoy to find nice planters to make them look beautiful.

And because my budget doesn’t allow me to buy new planters every week (I also have to buy Skittles to make sure Candice has enough energy to work on the blog – big budget), I’ve decided to make my own. As I’m a really cool guy, I’ve also decided to share it with you (#sonice #iloveyou #wouldyoumarryme? #no).

free printable colorful planters

So today, our free printable is about creating colorful planters to cover your ugly plant pots. You just have to download and print them by clicking on the link below !

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