Flying Tiger Hack : The cardboard boxes Doll House

Today I’m glad to share my new DIY project : The Cardboard Boxes Doll House ! My niece loves to play with small action figures so I offered to build her a dollhouse. She was over the moon !

I found cardboard boxes of different sizes from Flying Tiger store and I immediately thought it would be a great material for my doll house ! I also bought their acrylic paint.  This DIY doll house might be for a kid, I wanted it to be stylish and decided to give it a strong retro style.

I had so much fun building, decorating and creating all the house furniture and accessories. I really love the little felt cactus and the bed cushion and pillow ! What do you think ?

DIY Video : The retro kid’s doll house

To learn how to create a retro doll house with cardboard boxes, check our tutorial video. Everything is also explained in the step by step below !

The DIY retro kid doll house step by step

The supplies

To make your DIY doll house with cardboard boxes, check out the shake list.

Step by step

1. You need several cardboard boxes (I bought them from Flying Tiger). Each box is a room for your doll house. Get as many as you want !

2. Paint the cardboard boxes. Depending on the paint it might need several layers. The paints come from Flying Tiger store as well. Use your hair dryer to dry the paint faster.

3. Time to apply your wallpapers and faux wooden floor ! Measure the interior of the box.

4. Then, mark your measurements on the wallpaper.

5. Cut it with small scissors.

6. Apply some glue with a brush where you will apply your floor wallpaper.

7. Apply your wooden floor paper ! Be careful, with the glue it sticks super fast !

8. Paint half of the wall (use masking tape).  And then, apply the retro wallpaper on the other half.

9.  Gather the boxes and use a glue gun to have all standing in place.

10. Time to create the roof ! Measure the right width and length and mark it on the balza.

11. Cut the balza wood sheet with a pen-type cutter. Use a ruler to make sure you cut it straight.

12. Mark where you are going to fold your roof.

13. Lightly incise the wood so you can fold it (then apply some transparent tape in the inside to make sure the roof can fold but won’t break).

14. Glue the roof with a glue gun.

15. With a glue gun, attach the hooks at the back of the doll house so you can hang it on the wall.

16. Create your home accessories. Here, a little garden fence done with ice cream sticks !

diy retro kid doll house cardboard boxes kid bedroom

Customize your kid’s doll house as you like ! For example, you can print your family pictures in miniature, frame them and hang them on the walls like below  !

Thanks guys for following us and don’t hesitate to share your own creations with us !

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