Flisat Ikea Stool Animal Makeovers for Kids

Ikea, I love you that much that I wish I was Sweedish (and be tall with long legs by the same occasion).  Recently I was looking for ideas to create a DIY wooden stool for my little boy and I found those awesome Ikea Hacks of the Flisat Ikea Stool.

Well, not sure hack is the best way to put it, makeover or customization probably makes more sense. But let’s cut off this linguistic debate to focus on this much more adorable selection of Flisat stool animal makeovers ! With stickers, paint or animal ears, there are plenty of customization ideas to draw upon.

I absolutely adore all of them and I can’t wait to do my own makeover ! Now the main difficulty is probably to convince my husband to go to Ikea this weekend. I can’t blame him. He knows how dangerous an Ikea trip with me can be and how it’s a call to the relativity nature of time, …

Stay tuned for my soon to come Ikea Flisat stool hack !

1. Ikea Flistat customized with animal stickers by Limmaland
2. Ikea Flistat stool animal makeover with wooden blocks ears by Project Kid
3. Ikea Flistat stool bunny customization by Liefs Stefanie
4. Ikea Flistat stool grey mouse and bunny upgrade by I Am Bella
5. Ikea Flistat crochet unicorn cover kit by Jeu de Maille

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