Etsy Crush : Inspiring art prints from Studio Paradissi

So, last day I went to Vincent’s place and as he let me in, I immediately noticed what he then called  ‘art’. This so-called piece of art was, in reality, a giant glossy print representing a volleyball balloon and volleyball shoes abandoned on a court (#why ?).

To be honest, this aesthetic infamy was not really Vincent fault, more his partner (a fanatic volleyball player), but anyway. So I told Vincent that if he was looking for beautiful and modern abstract prints, I knew the perfect Etsy shop for that : Studio Paradissi !

I absolutely adore the entire range of illustrations, posters, and photography Eleni creates ! It’s very minimalist, contemporary, abstract most of the time and her color palette is always beautiful. Honestly, I just want to buy every single print.

I particularly love the print named Iceberg in brown and terracotta hues. And you would agree with me that her inspiring and relaxing illustrations are definitely better than a giant volleyball poster, innit ?

1. Blue abstract print named Tube/10
2. Minimalist number print named Number 0
3. Abstract print named Millions/44
4. Shades of terracotta photography named Iceberg
5. Black and white abstract shapes named Abstract/303
6. Eyes illustration print named Glimpses of Visionary Self
7. Black and White minimalist photography named Shy


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