Etsy Crush : Contemporary Fiber Art from Teddy and Wool

You got it, I have fallen for the macrame trend and whatever falls under fiber art denomination. Yepa, pleading guilty.

But the macrame trend can be a dangerous path and you can easily fall into the pitfalls of this fad. Let’s be honest, macrame can be tacky. But I have found the perfect Etsy shop to satisfy your fiber art needs with style : Teddy and Wool !

I absolutely adore the entire range of products of Teddy and Wool ! They are so delicate and contemporary. The colors and shapes of those wall hanging tapestry are just amazingly beautiful and I really fall in love for this shop.

I particularly love the round macrame wall hanging tapestry and its grey-black tie and dye effect. The yellow one is also quite striking, don’t you think ?

1. Pink Wall Tapestry Rose Quartz
2. Round Macrame Wall Hanging Tapestry
3. Grey Turquoise Wool Tapestry
4. Large Green Wool Bohemian Tapestry
5. Large Macrame Wall Hanging Black and White
6. Yellow Dyed Fiber Art Wall Hanging
7. Large Blue Wool Bohemian Tapestry

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