5 DIY wooden open wardrobes and clothing racks

It’s not the first time we talk about DIY open wardrobes. Last time, Candice selected her favorite DIY open wardrobes done with pipes (#mineisbetter) but on my side, I kinda prefer DIY wooden open wardrobes. As you know, I love using wood for my DIY projects.

So here is my own selection of DIY open wardrobes and clothing racks made with wood. But before you go on your wardrobe DIY project, I must warn you : an open wardrobe is a very aesthetic choice but I only recommend it for people organized in their storage. And/or living with a partner organized too, … (#neednewpartner #nocomment).

All those DIY wooden open wardrobes are really cool but I think my favorite is the one from The Merry Though blog. It’s very simple but yet quite sophisticated. The slightly angled rack structure gives a little designer look to this wooden clothing rack. I really invite you to discover all the steps to create this DIY wardrobe on their blog !

1. A DIY modern wooden wardrobe by A Beautiful Mess
2. DIY wooden dowels wardrobe by Maditas Haus
3. The DIY wooden clothing rack by The Merry Thought
4. DIY wooden and copper coatrack by Weekday Carnival
5. The DIY hanging clothes rail by Burkatron

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