6 DIY wooden headboards to make

When I woke up this morning I was thinking about my bedroom decor. I have to be honest, I really like what I’ve done in my room but I was feeling like something was missing. After a few minutes, I realized I was in need of a new headboard. Something that could also bring a warmer feeling to my room.

So I’ve jumped out of bed, grabbed my toolbox to build my new wooden headboard right away. As I needed some inspiration, I threw my tools on the floor and grabbed my mobile (#ok #calmdown) to find the most beautiful DIY wooden headboards !

Basically, I love them all, so it was really hard for me to make my decision. Finally, I choose to follow the tutorial found on The Merry Thought blog. I really love the look of this wooden slat headboard. And you which one is your fav ?

1. DIY herringbone wood headboard by I Spy DIY
2. DIY wood slat headboard by The Merry Thought
3. DIY live edge wood headboard by Apartment Therapy
4. DIY pallet headboard by Stylizimo
5. DIY vintage doors headboard by Dreamy Whites
6. DIY modern plywood headboard with built-in shelves by Hunker

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