DIY wooden food toys for kids

It’s quite funny to see how kids love to reproduce what we do. My little boy is obsessed with two things : pretending he is cooking and pretending he is hoovering.  I find him hilarious but I’m also thinking that if I could spend all my day playing (like he does) I would definitively not spend it on those activities (I’m more thinking spa, massage, friends, and drinks…) !

So I’ve been thinking about creating for him DIY play food toys for his play kitchen and I have found awesome DIY ideas on the web ! Donuts, wooden play vegetables, fake wooden burger, it’s so difficult to choose one of the other ! I absolutely want to make all those play food DIY projects for him !

Although I adore the wooden donuts, one of my favorite might still be the DIY wooden burger from The Merry Thought. I love that it’s not only a burger but a stackable burger ! And my boy is definitely at the age where he loves everything stackable ! I love the idea and I’m now thinking about creating my own DIY wooden stackable club sandwich !

1. DIY wooden vegetables for kids by All Alive
2. DIY wooden donuts by Ikatbag
3. DIY wooden playfood by A Beautiful Mess
4. DIY wooden burger by The Merry Thought
5. DIY wooden cakes by Jaime Costiglio

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