5 DIY traditional Christmas wreaths

I will not lie, when I see those beautiful traditional Christmas wreath DIY I’m also quite tempted ! These 5 traditional and natural Christmas wreaths are just gorgeous and some of them really easy to do ! I love these creations mixing tradition and modernity. They are perfect to finalize your holiday decor.

The first DIY Christmas wreath is from Lily Ardor blog. I really like this simple wreath mixing touches of color and natural green foliage. With a different style, the colorful wreath below is using seasonal foliage, fresh fruits, and flowers. Stunning too. The oranges, yellowish and reddish hues create a very warm and convivial effect.

But I had a real crush on the third DIY. In this DIY you can discover how to make an oversize eucalyptus Christmas wreath. This eco-friendly wreath mixes several trends that we love a lot : eucalyptus, oversize and natural elements. To do it you just need fresh eucalyptus (select the variety you prefer), wire, scissors, and a wreath base. I like that the eucalyptus is going to dry nicely and the wreath will still look great for years to come. No waste !

1. Simple DIY Christmas wreath by Lily Ardor
2. How to make a traditional Christmas wreath by Claire Abelle Makes
3. DIY eucalyptus wreath by Hello Nest
4. DIY natural and traditional Christmas wreath by Better Happier
5. DIY easy to make Christmas wreath by Kristen Maynard

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