DIY rainbow ideas

Rainbows are basically everywhere on the Web, in home decoration, and in kid’s stores. It is the trend of the year. Wherever you look there is a rainbow, a painting, an illustration, a pillow, in clay, wood or plastic. Rainbows are everywhere and rainbows are world-widely loved. Have you ever met someone who claims not to like rainbows ? (#no #impossible #doesntexist).

I have succumbed to the DIY rainbow mania too : DIY rainbow pillows, wall hanging, … I have even done rainbow clay earrings for Candice (She never wore them. Maybe she hates rainbow. #no #impossible #doesntexist). If you are looking for a great DIY project, look no further !

diy rainbow pillow

Beautiful DIY rainbow pillows

First, discover some DIY ideas to create cushions with rainbow patterns. With felt, fabric or with a little paint, they are super beautiful and very easy to make, …

diy rainbow wall hanging

DIY rainbow wall hanging ideas

Some of those DIY rainbows projects are done with punch needle, others with rope and embroidery thread or even with tissue paper. What they have …

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