DIY Project : The Wooden Mail Organiser

Like most freelancers or bloggers, I work from home. For some people, it sounds awesome but that’s not the full truth (#scoop #spoiler #Xfiles). The truth is that the situation can easily get out of control and you can end up by being much more the official cleaning lady than the businesswoman of your dream !

So you got it, the key is to be organized (and unyielding regarding the pile of clothes waiting to be ironed). And here comes our last DIY :  The Wooden Mail Organizer !

Video DIY : The Wooden Mail Organizer

First, discover our tutorial video to make this mail organizer for your desk. You don’t need much supplies and tools to do it. The kind of nice and easy DIYs we love !

The Wooden Mail Organizer step by step

The Shake list








Nailed it!


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4 plywood boards, saw, sanding paper, brush and paint, ruler, pencil, multipurpose glue.

Step by step


1. Start drawing the shapes on the plywood boards. You may want to have the smallest shape at the front and the biggest at the back.

2. Cut the shapes using a small saw or jig saw if you have one !

3. Sand the edges of each shape.

4. Paint the first shape in one color. The base of the letter sorter (or desk organizer, call it as you want) will be in the same color.

5. Paint the second shape and then the third one with acrylic paint and let it dry. Use a hair dryer if you want to go faster (we do !)

6. Trace small marks on the organizer base where you are going to fix the middle shape.

7. Glue the middle shape first. Let it dry.

8. Then glue the back and the front shapes. We use multipurpose glue and it worked perfectly !

diy wooden mail organizer home office

We decided to use terracotta paint, which is our favorite color, but you can, of course, choose the one that will match your home decor !

Thank you guys for following us and stay tuned for our next DIY projects ! We publish original DIY projects, hacks and printable twice a week !

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  1. Karlijn May 22, 2019 at 2:41 pm

    Woaaa, this is so cool! I’m adding it to my ‘to make’ list. X


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