DIY Project : The Wooden Easter Eggs

Easter is coming in a few days and I’ve been thinking for weeks about the tablescape decoration for Easter day. This year I’m especially excited as my whole family is coming to celebrate Easter with us (I live in London and they are all in based in France). So this Easter tablescape and decoration thing makes me crazy !

I wanted to create a cute minimalist and natural Easter decoration and I have made those adorable Easter little friends from wooden eggs to decorate the table (one for each guest !).

I’m sharing the full tutorial with you, in pictures and video. It’s super easy to do and (I hope) quite delicate !

DIY Video : The Wooden Easter Eggs

First, we have created for you this video to help you decorate your own DIY wooden Easter eggs. Check it out and if you need additional explanations, you can find the step by step project below.

The DIY wooden Easter eggs step by step

Ok, let’s have a look at every step of this DIY project.

The supplies

To make your DIY Easter eggs, check out the shake list.

Step by step

You have all your supplies ready ? Let’s go !

1. Print the crown and bunny ears on the back of your glittering card sheet and cut it with small scissors.

2. With the hand saw, create a small slit at the top of the wooden egg. It needs to be deep enough to insert the crown or the bunny ears (around 0.5cm deep).

3. Draw the face with a pencil first.

4. Then, trace over it with the felt pen.

5. Create the egg throne (stand) with the wire and the beads
(around 6 beads depending on their size).

6. Insert the bunny ears or royal crown on the top of the egg.
Done ! Your little friends are ready to decorate your Easter table !

diy wooden Easter eggs decorated

Thanks guys for following us and happy Easter !

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