DIY Project : The Wooden Beads Planter

I’m a little bit obsessed with houseplants. I must admit it. I have tones of them at home and I’m quite proud to say that my plants’ death rate is improving every day ! If you are looking for a good idea to make a beautiful planter for your new greenery our new DIY project is for you.

This DIY planter can be customized to match your home decor. Use some paint to add a touch of color and to make this lovely plant pot your own ! Get ready, I’ll show you how to craft this wooden planter.

DIY Video : The Wooden Beads Planter

To make your own DIY Wooden Beads Planter, have a look at this video tutorial. You can also check the step by step project below.

The Wooden Beads Planter step by step

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Sanding paper, pencil, ruler, glue, wooden bead, round dowel, wooden pot.

Step by step

1. Measure your round dowel to cut 4 legs of 6 cm high.

2. Cut it with your hand saw.

3. Sand down each leg.

4. Glue your wooden beads on your pot.

diy wooden beads planter step

5. Glue your legs on your planter.

diy wooden beads planter

Thanks guys for following us and stay green, cool and beautiful !

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