DIY Project : The Wood and Cork Toy Camera

I love when toys are made with natural materials. It is not only cute and creative but also sustainable. My little boy bedroom is mainly decorated with natural accessories and furniture and most of his toys are in wood too. Even though I also have some ugly and noisy plastic toys that make music (sounds) and that my son loves sooo much. I’m not perfect.

So today I would like to share with you my last creation and DIY tutorial : The DIY wood and cork toy camera !

DIY Video : The DIY wood and cork toy camera

Check out the tutorial video to discover how to make your own wood and cork toy camera. There is also a step by step project below with all the pics !

The DIY wood and cork toy camera

Now, let’s have a look at every step of the DIY wood and cork toy camera.

The supplies

To make your DIY wood and cork toy camera,  check out the shake list.

We created this toy camera for nursery or kid bedroom decoration purposes and we hope you will like it ! A cork sanding block costs around $1,50 so it’s also very cheap…  Your wood and cork toy camera will be perfect to decorate a nursery or a kids’ bedroom !

We use a cork sanding block for the camera body and pieces of wood to create the camera lens and shutter button. You can use also use other kinds of wood pieces like buttons or pegs. The leather string is used as the camera strap and decorated with natural wooden beads. Make sure it is short enough and not dangerous for a kid. Also, make sure you check at the end of the article our safety recommendation.

Step by step

You have all your supplies ready ? Let’s go and make your own DIY wood and cork toy camera.

1. Paint the biggest round piece of wood in black (non toxic paint) and let it dry.

2. In the meantime paint the second piece of wood in black too (center only). For this piece, you can also use a wooden button.

3. Paint the third and smallest piece of wood in black. For this piece, you can also use a wooden bead or peg.

4. Drill a hole in diagonal at the two top corners of the cork sanding block. Be very delicate to avoid damaging the brick.

5. Tie your leather string on both side (This is your camera strap !). Add decorative wooden beads to the string if you want.

6. Glue the two first wooden pieces together and make sure it is strongly fixed.

7. Glue your wooden camera lens right in the middle of your cork camera body. Make sure it is perfectly centered.

8. Finally, glue your shutter button at the top right corner of the camera ! Make sure it is perfectly attached.

Important notice : Our DIY wood and cork toy camera has been created for decorative purpose only and is NOT designed and suitable for young children. If you plan to create your own DIY toy camera for your kid to play with, always make sure that he is old enough to play with it safely !

We don’t recommend giving those kinds of toys to any children under the age of 6. Be aware that the small wooden pieces can be shocking hazards ! Also, the leather strap of the camera needs to be short to prevent strangulation. Finally, make sure you use non toxic paint for kids !

Thanks everyone for following us and stay tuned for a new DIY project !

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