DIY Project : The Valentine’s Day Foam Fortune Cookies

Like every year, I have been looking for a fun and personalized Valentine’s idea for my dear husband. Like most macho men he says he hates it but of course, I know he does expect something from me (#predictable). So I was searching for something original that you won’t find in a store and something really dedicated to him. Then I saw some people doing paper fortune cookies and I loved the idea of twisting it for Valentine’s day ! I chose foam because it bends better and the result is more chunky. I inserted my cheesy (very cheesy) love message in it and tadam ! Done.

If you like the result, discover the full tutorial to create your own The Valentine’s Day Foam Fortune Cookies !

DIY Video : The Valentine’s Day Foam Fortune Cookies

I think DIY fortune cookies is a great and unique way to tell someone special how you feel and share little messages (any kind really… don’t be afraid to be bold). Check the video tutorial and step by step below !

The Valentine’s Day Fortune Cookies step by step

The Shake list




Super Low




Please marry me.


click here

Pink and red foam sheets, valentine fortune messages (see some ideas at the end of the article), hot glue gun, scissors, small round glass or cup, pencil.

Step by step

1. Trace around the glass to create a circle of the size of your choosing.

2. Cut out the circle with scissors.

3. Insert the Valentine fortune message in it.

4. Then, roll the opposite sides of the circle together as shown so that they overlap slightly.

5. Turn the cookie on the side and bend it gently so that the two edges come together.

6. Finally, add a dab of glue deep in the fold and hold few seconds until dry.

diy valentine fortune cookie

Foam is ideal to create non-candy fortune cookies because it is really easy to fold, immediately creates a chunky shape and doesn’t wrinkle. Create as many cookies as you want your loved one to open, day after day …

Have a lovely Valentine’s day and stay tuned for a new DIY project !

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