DIY Project : The Terracotta Candle Holder

I absolutely love terracotta. I know, nothing original about it, this color is super trendy (I have a consensual nature).  But what is maybe less common is the terracotta candle holder that we have imagined for you !

So today I would like to share with your our new DIY tutorial, the aptly named : DIY terracotta candle holder ! Very easy to make, this small decoration accessory can be put on a table, a small buffet, … I love it ! Let’s have a look !

DIY Video : The terracotta candle holder

So, I have created for you this tutorial video to help you make your own terracotta candle holder. Check it out and if you need additional explanations, the step by step project below is also here to help !

The DIY Terracotta Candle Holder step by step

The Shake list








Easy Peasy


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Sand, brush, mini terracotta planters, glue, paint, varnish.

Step by step

1. Paint two of your terracotta planters.

2. Create a pattern on the other pots with the same paint.

3. Let it dry and apply a layer of varnish.

4. Create your candle holder by gluing two or three planters together.

5. Put some sand into the top planter of your candle holder.

6. Put your candlestick into the sand.

diy terracotta candle holder

Thanks for following us and stay tuned for a new DIY project !

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