DIY Project : The Scandi Wooden Key Rack Holder

I love wooden home decor accessories, and even more when it can help me to be organized ! I’m obsessed with organization and somehow the people I know mainly say I’m not organized. My friends are mean.

Anyway, today I would like to share with your our new DIY tutorial : The DIY Scandi Wooden Key Rack !

I like the very minimalist and Scandinavian look of this key rack. It’s such a stylish way to hang your keys in your hallway or office room. And the board is perfect to clip anything you want ! From a calendar to your kid’s artwork or picture,…

DIY Video : The DIY Scandi Wooden Key Rack

Check the tutorial video to help you make your own Scandi wooden key rack with beads.  It’s super easy to do and very cheap and if you need additional explanations, the step by step project below is also here to help !

The DIY Scandi Wooden Key Rack step by step

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Wooden board (like balsa or pinewood), wooden tassel, wooden beads (different sizes), leather strings, calendar printable, sanding paper, clip, electric or hand, saw, hammer, small nails, ruler, pencil.

Step by step

1. Mark the dimensions of the wooden tassel. It should be the same width than the board.

2. Saw the tassel where you marked it.

3. Then, with a ruler and a pencil mark where you gonna saw the key chain slots. Evenly space the 3 slots across the front of the holder.

4. Saw the 3 key chain slots. Use a hand saw or an electric one !

5. Sand the rack.

6. Fix the rack to the board with small nails. To help you, place a shim below the board.

7. Create your beads and leather key holders. Thread the key, then the bead and do a knot at the top.

8. Finally, clip your calendar on the board.

diy scandi wooden key rack holder

Because entry or hallway is usually a small space, a wall-mounted key rack is the best solution ! It will save some floor space and provide a storage solution. If you too need to organize your home’s key situation and are looking for a stylish way to do it, check out our modern Scandi key holder solution . No more crazy key searching !

Important notice : Our DIY wooden key holder has been created for decorative and organization purpose only and is NOT designed and suitable for young children. Be aware that the small beads can be shocking hazards !

Thanks, guys for following us and stay tuned for a new DIY project !

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