DIY Project : The Pink Faux Neon Sign

Neon signs are so trendy and cool. I absolutely love them.  They are a great way to make a real statement in your interior design but let’s be honest they can also be quite pricey !

So I had the idea to create my own faux neon sign. At first Vincent was not really into the idea (I think he thought “kitsh”) but when he saw the result he totally changed his mind ! Maybe it’s because of the pink. He really loves pink.

Well, I’m happy to share with you below the detailed DIY tutorial to do your own pink faux neon sign ! Enjoy !

DIY Video : The pink faux neon sign

For less than 10$ you can create your own neon sign and hang it on your wall. What is great with a faux neon sign it always looks great. Even when the light is off.

The pink faux neon sign

Your neon light will bring a sense of fun and personality to any room in an instant, so ready to create your own ?

The supplies

To make your DIY pink faux neon sign, you need some supplies. Check out the shake list.

The diameter of the wire you will select depends on the diameter of the plastic tube you choose. The thick metallic wire will be inserted inside the tube and used to form the letter. Therefore it needs to be a bit rigid but still easy to bend. The thinner wire will be used to create a emboss effect to your neon sign.

Step by step

You have all your supplies ready ? Let’s go and make your own DIY The pink faux neon sign.

1. Print your quote (at the correct scale) and get your supplies ready.

2. Insert the wire inside the neon tube leaving 1cm of wire at each end of the tube (work word by word).

3. Start forming your letters, bending the wire along printed letters to design the perfect shape.

4. Cut small pieces of the thin wire (around 4cm long to create an embossed effect once fixed to the board).

5. Tie the wires at several places at the back of the letter (to create a kind of stand for the letter). Fix as many as necessary to support your letter. Then, make sure all wire pieces are even.

6. Fix the words to the foam board by pining all the wire pieces into it (more or less 1cm deep). Make sure it is firmly fixed to the board but not too deep. You need to keep an embossed effect.


diy pink faux neon sign

Thanks guys for following us and stay tuned for a new DIY project !

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