DIY Project : The Kid’s TV Wooden Retro Shelf

I adore kid’s furniture, especially when they are a bit quirky. But most of the time the nice and fancy kid’s pieces of furniture you see in the shops are quite pricey. I needed a new shelf for my little boy so he (I mean, I…) could tidy his small stuff and store his books. I wanted something cool and unique and decided to build myself a small shelf looking like a retro TV.

The whole DIY took me less than 2 hours and I just love the retro style of this kid’s TV wooden shelf !  My boy was over excited when he saw it and Vincent immediately started a fight to keep the shelf for him. But let’s be honest, no one can fight against the noisy protests (aka screams) of an 18 months old baby. 5 minutes later, Vincent was throwing in the towel ! (#classic).

Video DIY : The Kid’s TV Wooden Retro Shelf

If you like the look of this kid’s shelf, check out our tutorial video to make your own DIY TV wooden shelf. It’s really unique and I guarantee your kids just gonna love it !

The DIY Kid’s TV Wooden Shelf step by step

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Old wooden crate, saw (power saw if you have one), one plywood board, sandpaper, combi drill, brush and paint, ruler, pencil, multipurpose glue, wooden buttons, thin wooden dowel, two wooden beads.

Step by step

1. Start painting your wooden crate. Here we used an old wine crate.

2. Design your TV frame (correct scale) on cardboard and then draw it on the plywood board.

3. Cut out the inside and outside of the frame. If you have one, use a power saw. To saw the inside drill a hole first in the plywood and then insert the blade of the saw.

4. Sand the edges.

5. Paint the frame in the color of your choice.

6. Saw a wooden dowel in four pieces to create the TV feet and glue them with multipurpose glue. If you want to create angled feet, you’ll probably need a circular saw. If you don’t have one, just built regular straight feet.

7. Use multipurpose glue to fix the frame on the crate. You can also nail it if you prefer.

8. Then glue the wooden buttons on the TV.

diy kids tv wooden retro shelf green nursery decor

You can also add antennas to your TV. To do it, we fixed thin dowels and wooden beads on the top of the TV shelf !

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