DIY Project : The DIY Faux Granite Sphere Bookends

As you know I’m a book addict. But I’m also a granite addict. And a concrete addict (#weirdaddictions #needarehab). So far what I’m saying doesn’t seem to make much sense, but wait for it ! So I’ve been thinking about something that could gather my three addictions and came up with a fantastic new DIY project : The Faux Granite Sphere Bookends !

Granite is this year’s must-have material (marble too but that’s not relevant here). Made from concrete with a painted granite effect, these bookends are crafted into a sleek, minimalist sphere shape that I absolutely adore (#proudofmyself #vanity). If you are been looking for a first easy project to try your DIY skills on concrete, those bookends are ideals !

The Faux Granite Sphere Bookends step by step

The supplies

To make your DIY faux granite sphere bookends, check out the shake list.

Step by step

1. Measure out your powdered cement. Usually, the ratio is around 3:1 cement mix and water. Adding more water makes the mortar more liquid and easier to apply but too much water makes it weaker. Since we are only talking about bookends, risks are low ! Anyway, look for the instructions at the back of your cement mix !

2. Mix your concrete until it has a quite smooth consistency like a cake batter.

3. Pour it in your mold and make sure it has no bubble inside. Make sure you pour the same quantity of concrete in each mold to get a perfect sphere at the end. Let it dry for at least 12h.

4. Once dry, remove the sphere halves from the molds. With plastic molds, it is super easy. It also gives your sphere a super smooth and shiny surface.

5. Sand one side of each half sphere with sanding paper or a multi sander if you have one. The idea is to create a flat side so the two half spheres don’t tip over.

6. Spray very slowly and little by little some black paint on it. Don’t spray too close to get nice little paint splatters.

As you can see all the books above are from Daniel Pennac. An awesome author you should definitively read (and then spotlight with those faux granite bookends) !

Thank you so much for following us and stay tuned for our next DIY projects ! We publish original DIY projects twice a week !

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