DIY Project : The Curtain Tassel Tieback

Choosing the right curtains is a challenge. But finding the right curtain tiebacks is almost impossible ! So if you are currently looking for tiebacks perfectly matching your curtains and room decoration, you have two choices : spending hours trying and finally failing (sad and time-consuming) or doing it yourself (gratifying and efficient) ! Today’s DIY project will show you how to create your own Curtain Tieback !

In the book ‘Craft The Rainbow’ by Brittany Watson Jepsen, we found our inspiration to do an amazing DIY Curtain Tassel Tieback. This DIY is fun and simple to make.

DIY Video : The Curtain Tassel Tieback

Have a look at this video to help you make your own DIY Curtain Tassel Tieback. All you need are some colorful paper, wooden beads, a ribbon, and some paint.

The Curtain Tassel Tieback step by step

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Nailed it!


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Colored paper, sandpaper, round wooden dowel, glue gun, scissors, ribbon, hand drill, wooden beads, paint, hand saw, brush.

Step by step

1. Cut your colored paper into two 15 inches tall and create fringe by cutting with your scissors.

2. Glue one end of your ribbon to the unfringed edge of your colored paper.

3. Roll your paper tightly beginning at the edge with the glued ribbon.

4. Wrap and glue a small ribbon of paper on top of your tassel.

5. Cut one piece of your round wooden dowel with your saw.

6. Sand down your piece of wood.

7. Drill your piece of wood.

8. Paint it with the color of your choice.

9. Draw a pattern with some black paint.

10. Thread your wooden beads onto the ribbon and repeat steps 1 to 9 t create the other tassel.

diy curtain tassel tieback

See you soon guys for our new DIY project !

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