DIY Project : Curcumin and Coffee Body Scrub

If like me you have always dreamt to create your own beauty products, then you will love our new project of the day : The DIY Body Scrub with curcumin and coffee ! It’s natural and chemical free.

Using a body scrub regularly soften and improve the radiance of your skin. That’s what people (and advertising say), and since I’m a person who may be easily influenced I believe it. Moreover, I’m quite concerned about what I put on my skin, so I prefer to do my own products (when I can).

DIY Video : The Curcumin and Coffee Body Scrub

Making your own DIY body scrub is one of the easiest ways to get started and anyone can concoct oneself a scrub with some very simple ingredients ! Have a look at our tutorial and discover also at the end of the article, all our tips and hints to create your own DIY Body Scrub recipe.

The Curcumin and Coffee Body Scrub step by step

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2 cups of coffee beans, 2 tsp of curcumin or turmeric, 3 cups of white or brown sugar, 25ml of olive oil, 10ml of honey, 2 tsp of oatmeal, a pestle and mortar, a clean airtight glass jar.

Step by step

1. Grind the coffee beans with the pestle and mortar until you reach the consistency of your choice.

2. Add the sugar and mix.

3. Incorporate the honey and the olive oil and mix everything together, until it creates a kind of paste.

4. Then, add approximately two tablespoons of oatmeal.

5. Add two tablespoons of curcumin and mix.

6. Finally, transfer your body scrub into a nice mason jar like container and add a homemade label or tag.

diy natural body scrub recipe

For all the beauty ingredients of this scrub try to prefer organic ingredients. Note also that the quantity of this curcumin and coffee body scrub recipe are guide value and should be adapted to obtain the texture that suits you the best ! Finally, don’t forget that you can substitute product of the same type, so don’t hesitate to mix and match ! … Oh and do try the scrub on a small part of your body first and make sure it suits your skin !

Don’t hesitate to comment on this post with your own favorite recipes ! I’d love to get your beauty hints and tips !

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