DIY Project : The Cube Coffee Table

Finding the perfect coffee table for a living room can sometimes be a real nightmare (#toomuch). I do remember when I was looking for mine, I spent so much time to find it that I forgot to feed my cat for almost 3 days (#lie #neverdothat). So instead of starving your pet (or your partner), why not create your own coffee table ?

It’s much easier than you think, especially if you find a nice gentleman at the hardware store who pre-cuts all the boards to the right dimensions ! So you got it, today I’d like to share with you our new DIY tutorial : The DIY cube coffee tables !

Video DIY : The cube coffee tables

First, discover our tutorial video to help you make your own cube coffee tables. Check it out ! The step by step project below with the boards’ dimensions is also here to help !

The DIY cube coffee tables

The supplies

To make your DIY cube coffee tables, check out our shake list.

Step by step

1. Have all the MDF boards cut at the hardware store (dimensions in the shake list).

2. Put your boards together. Use a 90° corner angle tool if you have one.

3. Nail it to assemble the cube. If you have a nail gun it is even easier !

4. Apply some filler to make the joints disappear. Let it dry.

5. Sand down the filler once dry.

6. Apply two layers of paint onto each cube. If you want, varnish the cubes for extra protection !

diy cube coffee table

You can customize your cubes by choosing the color palette you like for a perfect match of your living room decor. This table is modular so arrange the cubes as you like !

Thanks, everyone for following us and DO stay tuned for a new DIY project !

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