DIY Project : The Black Cork Tray

With a simple cardboard box lid and a cork sheet, you can make a really stylish serving tray. Candice made fun of me because she said this DIY was too simple, but when she saw the result she did apologize (I really like when she apologizes…). And sometimes easy is good, don’t you think ?

So this DIY is super easy to do indeed and the result is really nice ! Black and cork are two colors which work very well together and this little DIY tray is a perfect quick DIY project for the weekend. Check out our new DIY tutorial : The DIY Black Cork Tray !

DIY Video : The Black Cork Tray

Have a look to our tutorial video to help you make your own DIY black cork tray.  The step by step project below is also here to help !

The Black Cork Tray step by step

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Cork sheet, cardboard box lid, scissors, black paint, ruler, mod podge, brush, pencil.

Step by step

1. Paint the edges of the lid with your black paint.

2. Measure the size of your cardboard box lid.

3. Mark your cork sheet at the same size.

4. Cut it with your scissors.

5. Apply a layer of Mod Podge onto the lid.

6. Cover it with your cork sheet.

diy black cork tray modern Scandinavian

Thanks guys for following us and enjoy your weekend !

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