5 diy polymer clay napkin rings

A nice table setting is something really important for me. When I invite friends I feel I’m equally responsible for the food I serve on the table than the way I set up the table. And when I can DIY some stuff, like the napkin ring it’s even better (and I receive even more compliments).

My cat also loves when I set up the table. He usually shows me his happiness by jumping on it and destroying everything (#socute). Among the table accessories, I particularly love napkin rings. Some people think it’s a bit old fashioned but the following DIY clay napkin rings can prove them wrong !

All those DIY napkin rings are made with polymer clay. It’s is a great material to create table accessories. It’s easy to shape, color and customize and as you can see with those DIYs, the result can be pretty awesome.

My fav ? Definitively the faux terrazzo napkin rings !

  1. DIY splatter napkin rings by A Beautiful Mess
  2. DIY faux ceramic napkin rings by Almost Makes Perfect
  3. DIY faux terrazzo napkin ring by Burkatron
  4. DIY golden clay napkin ring by Minimal Crafts
  5. DIY faux porcelain napkin ring by Suite One Studio

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