DIY pinata ideas to make

I’m Vincent and last week I dreamed I was a pinata. I know it’s weird and scaring. In the morning I tried to explain my dream to my partner and the look he gave me made me understood I should have shut up. To exorcize this fear, Candice suggested to DIY some pinatas the week after. We did it and I feel so much better since. Pinatas are actually awesomely cool and there is an infinity of ways and ideas to DIY them. Here is our selection of the best Pinatas ideas !

diy fun shape pinata

DIY fun shapes pinatas

When Vincent and I decided to exorcize his pinata dream by creating our own pinata I knew I had to come with the best DIY pinatas ideas and suggestions,…

diy animal pinata

5 DIY animal pinatas for kids

I suggested to Vincent to make an animal like pinata. To do this, I selected the best 5 DIY animal pinata ideas in the world (I’m not exaggerating. Not at all).

diy fruit pinata

How to make a DIY fruit pinata ?

 Whether it’s for your kid’s birthday, to decorate a party or to help a friend with pinata nightmare, mastering the pinata technique is a must !

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