DIY pillow ideas for kids

Since I’m a mum I keep scanning Pinterest for cute DIY ideas for my little boy. I’m like a crazy army radar. I mean, it’s true. Kids really change us. My boy is so adorable (and very terrible too) that I constantly think about what I could DIY for him, what could make him smile.

And bingo, I found it : DIY pillows for his room. So I looked around and found a selection of totally awesome DIY kids pillow ideas. Look no further ! If you are also looking for a DIY project for your kid, those DIY pillows are a must !

diy animal pillow kids

How to make a DIY animal pillow for kids ?

If you are also looking for good ideas to create a fun pillow for your child’s room check out my selection of the most adorable DIY ideas found on the Web !

diy fruit pillow kids

DIY fruit pillows ideas for kids

I’ve done a selection of the best tutorials to create your own DIY fruit shaped pillows. All those DIYs are very well explained and let’s be honest, …

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