DIY modern macrame plant hangers

If I say ‘macrame’ in front of my parents, I can immediately see their eyes light up. It’s like a magic word. Probably because it reminds them of their hippie youth and how they used to craft their own so-called ‘wall art’ while smoking herbal stuff.

Well, the art of knotting has disappeared during a few decades but has made a huge comeback and I must say that, like my parents, I’ve also fallen for it. Especially for macrame plant hangers if you remember my last DIY ! I still advocate for being cautious with macrame. You don’t want to end up with a macrame home decor total look. It doesn’t work, believe me. But you can safely have a look at my selection of modern macrame plant hangers. You’ll love them, promise !

So ? Already falling in love with those DIY macrame plant hangers ? I don’t want to be pretentious, but I knew you would. I particularly love the mini pink macrame plant hanger. Combining bright colors and glass vase with macrame is an excellent idea as it brings a lot for modernity.

1. DIY macrame plant hanger and gold plant stand by Foxy Oxie
2. White cotton macrame plant hanger by Hey Lila Hey
3. DIY tie and dye macrame plant hanger by Lili In Woderland
4. Mini pink macrame plant hanger by Minieco
5. DIY modern black macrame plant hanger by Deuce Cities Henhouse
6. DIY modern black and leather plant hanger by Monsters Circus

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