5 DIY modern Christmas stockings

I absolutely adore those modern Christmas stockings DIYs ! I will probably do one with my traditional Christmas stockings selection (I know. I can’t help it) but I’m still a fan. Hopefully, you might be a less Christmas conservative freak than me, so you will probably fall in love with these fun and colorful Christmas stockings DIYs.

I found the first DIY Christmas stocking on the Teri’s blog, The Lovely Drawer. She made this for her daughter Maggie and the result is just beautiful. With the pretty colorful pom poms and the graphic pattern, the result is really sweet and unique.

Honestly, I love all those Christmas stockings Diys. But I really had a crush on the Jojotastic one because of its creativity and non-usual materials. Indeed, it is made with leather and the pattern has been drawn using a pyrography pen. If you do not have this kind of pen, you can use a leather marker to create your Christmas stocking pattern.

1. DIY modern Christmas stocking with pom poms by The Lovely Drawer
2. DIY leather modern stocking by Jojotastic
3. DIY mini pom pom modern Christmas stocking by Tell Love and Party
4. DIY dotted Christmas stocking by Paulsvera
5. DIY painted and colorful modern Christmas stocking by One O

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