DIY kitchen accessories ideas and tutorials

My favorite hobby is to change my baby’s nappies. Kidding (but that’s probably what my hubby and baby both think, …). No, my favorite hobby is cooking. I really love cooking, especially French and Vietnamese food (because of my origins). But I’m a DIY blogger so I have been looking for DIYs combining my two passions.

I created this selection of awesome and easy to make DIY kitchen accessories for you guys. From creating your own oven mitts to kitchen utensils, you gonna be stunned by those DIYs. Have a look !

diy oven mitts

Stylish DIY oven mitts

Do you easily get burn when you cook ? Me too. But it has to stop and it will if you create your own DIY pretty oven mitts to protect your lovely hands …

diy kitchen utensil holder

DIY kitchen utensils holders

Are you done with your DIY oven mitts project ?  Well now, find out how to create nice utensils holders for the kitchen. Those DIY holders are super easy …

diy kitchen utensil

DIY ideas to customize your kitchen utensils

Probably my favorite DIY selection for the kitchen. I love all those DIY ideas to revamp your kitchen utensils. What you need the most to do them ?

diy kitchen rack

DIY Project : The Hanging Kitchen Rack

You’re looking for something to hang your kitchen accessories ? You will love our new DIY project : The wooden hanging kitchen rack !

diy black cork tray

DIY Project : The Black Cork Tray

With a simple cardboard box lid and a cork sheet, you can make a really stylish serving tray. Candice made fun of me because she said this DIY was too simple …

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